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A sistem of hidden mirrors, when illuminated by torch light, could create the effect of a ghost.
The open ampitheatres were described as public playhouses and they wore open to everyone for the price of a ticket.
Perfomances usually began a two o' clock in the afternoonn, and lasted less than two hours.
Inns or covered halls or continued to function as theatre during this period and were described as private houses since they were more selective about the type of play and audience.

Aristotle's definition of Three Unities: Time, Place and Action somewhat missundestood by his followers, insisted that a drama should be a unified whole, the action be concentrated in one day and that scene should remain unchanged.
This concept was more liberally taken up by English dramatists, who, under the influence of the Roman playwright, Seneca, allowed for greater freedom.
The genius, or innovation, of English Renaissance playwrights was to combine Aristotle's definitions of Tragedy and Comedy, developing the fourth or burlesque act of Classical Tragedy into the unified whole of the work as a wey of reflecting all human experience, extendimg the importance of characters according to Humanist philosophy, disgregarding the Three Unities which were felt to be unnatural, and minimizing the cathartic effect.
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