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Geoffrey Chaucer

He was born in 1343 and was the son of a merchant.
He was imprisoned but then ransomed by the king who sent him on various missions (commercial relations, Richard II’s marriage).
He travelled to Italy and was interested in Dante Petrarca and Boccaccio, and read also some latin books. He became member of Parliament for kent.
He was surely trusted by the crown and supported both lollardy and John Wycliffe’theory.
In 1386 he was dismissed from his offices and begun to write his masterpiece, Canterbury tales. He rented a house in Westminster with his doubled pension, where he died. He was also the first poet tobe buried in poet’s corner in Westminster abbey. He can be considered the father of modern English.
He had various periods in his life:
French period: (poems on French romance styles) “the boke of duchesse”(a knight in back tells his grief that becomes universal.)
Italian period: “Trolyus and criseyde” (adapted from Boccacico);
English period: “Canterbury tales”.
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