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Henry Fielding

He was born in Sharpham in 1707 an received a classical education at Eton College. In his plays he satirised the politicians who responded with the Licensing Act of 1737. His first novel, 'Joseph Andrews' of 1742 is a parody of Richardson's Pamela. It was followed by 'Jonathan wild the great' of 1743 which is both the autobiography of a criminal and the political satire.
He uses the third person omniscient narrator who comments on the characters and the events. He died in Portugal in 1754.

Tom Jones

It is a novel that is both a Bildungsroman and a picaresque novel and it is divided in three parts. The first part begins with the discovery of an infant-Tom-in the bed of Squire Allworthy who brings him up with is own nephew Blifil, who is an odious man. Tom falls in love with Sophia Western, daughter of a neighboring squire, but this story is impossible because he is socially inferior. The second part records Tom's adventures on the road while the third part is set in London where lives Ton and where Sophia flees to avoid a marriage to Blifil. There it turns out that Tom is the illegitimate child of Blufil's own mother-Nr Allworthy sister. So Nr Allworthy recognized him as oen heir and Tom can marries Sophia.

Tom Jones is the typical hero's picaresque who give a realistic picture of a broad cross - section of society.