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Tom Jones Henry Fielding is the masterpiece of his masterpiece and was published in 1749. The critic has described it as a realist novel, a picaresque and training.

The novel is set in the mysterious and fascinating nineteenth-century London and tells the story of Tom Jones, a foundling welcomed and cared for by Mr. Allworthy.
The main character runs away from home to go to London and, growing up, faces numerous experiences.
But in the end Tom Jones returns home, he makes peace with Mr. Allworthy and married Sophia, the woman he was in love.

This Fielding novel depicts the theater of life with a wonderful realism. In addition, this novel also raises political issues: Fielding seems to support that carnal sins are not anything important when compared with the hypocrisy that characterized the period.
Fielding provides a demystifying representation of the British company taking advantage of the realistic style to transform the dramatic tension in a comic and ironic tension.

Fielding blends solid moral values ​​and biting satirical spirit with a complex plot and original.
There are two contrasting characters: Joseph Andrews (who was chaste and virtuous is Puritanism) and Tom Jones (who follows his natural instincts, is generous, cheerful and lively)
Tom Jones is a realistic novel because the protagonist is a collection of good and evil.

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