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The reign of Elizabeth I
Under Elizabeth 1, the English renaissance reached the highest point and England reached political stability and unity. She was excommunicated by the pope Pius v and she suppressed many plots against her such as the plot of her cousin, the catholic Mary Stuart, queen of Scotland, that was imprisoned and executed. Elizabeth I founded the British empire and England increased its naval power , defeating the Spanish invincible armada.

The years after Elizabeth I
When Elizabeth I died, she was succeeded by the first exponent of the Stuart dynasty, James I. Surviving many Elizabethans were imprisoned like Philip Sydney and Walter Raleigh were very aware of changes under the new king. Walter Releigh was imprisoned in the tower of London where he wrote the history of the world; The literature under the king James was called Jacobean. during the James’ reign England defeated the Spain and increased his empire. in this period there were the publication of the first newspaper and the first version of bible. in this period an attack was made against him and the parliament that was called gunpowder plot, so called because the conspirators used gunpowder to blow up the parliament.
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