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Edward VI

Edward VI was the son of Henry VIII and Jane Seymour, Henry’s third wife. When he ascended the throne he was only 9 years old. So his uncle, the duke of Somerset, was nominated his protector. Meanwhile archbishop Cranmer was instructed to write the book of common prayer, so that Church services could be held in English instead of Latin. The duke of Somerset was fairly tolerant in Church and State, but in his country there were several religious parties and his tolerance led to many uprising for which he was considered responsible. He was imprisoned and sentenced to death. He was replaced by the duke of Northumberland, his great adversary. Soon Edward fell ill and seemed unlikely to recover. So Northumberland, knowing the king feared a Catholic reaction under his sister Mary, persuaded him to sign a will, giving the crown to Lady Jane Grey, who had married the duke’s son. But Mary was recognized queen of England and he was executed together with Lady Grey and her husband.

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