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Drama is a play for the theater, it means action. Who writes plays is called playwright and a play is characterized by audience, actors and a director.

Audience: are all the people who are watching the play.
Actors: who acts in the play.
Director: who tells the actors what to do in a play.

Drama is divided into three categories:
Comedy: it is a story with a happy ending characterized by romantics and pleasant events.
Tragedy: is a story with an unhappy ending, delineated by conflicts, death, the desire of power.
Tragicomedy: is a mix of tragedy and comedy, evidenced by humor that in some situations could be laugh.

Romeo and Juliet is characterized by elements both of comedy and tragedy. It is a comedy because it begins with elements of a comedy, like the love between two lovers, the ball and friendship.
It is a tragedy because there’s an unhappy ending , for two main characters’ death and the bad relationship between two families.

A play is divided into acts, which are divided into scenes. The act is the performance and the scene is the sequence of actions.
Shakespeare’s plays are made of:
- Introduction: act 1
- Development: act 2
- Crisis: act 3
- Complications: act 4
- Denouement: act 5

Cast: all the actors in a play, the characters who are major and minor.
A dramatic text has different techniques:
Dialogue: is the conversation between characters.
Soliloquy: when a character speaks to itself.
Aside: are comments that explain to the audience more details of the play, like the set.
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