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The idols not only besiege the human mind making it difficult to access the truth, but would continue to hurt us even during the process of establishment of science if man fought them. The theory of idols makes people aware of the false notions that clutter their minds. It is made of four different kinds:
-the tribes (idola tribus)The axioms are obtained by way of a passage precipitous, namely the false induction to which Bacon opposes the true induction.
The interpretation of nature has to be done because interpreting nature, can be modified. A maximum of Bacon very famous is "knowledge is power". The power is to interpret nature to be able to change or at least improve human life.
= All those prejudices which are based on misinterpretations of the human race on the meanings we want to give to the things that really can not know. They are based on a same nature and also the human intellect under the influence of the will and affections.
-the cave (idols specus) (cave): are all the prejudices of the subject individual that arise from the knowledge of something wrong. They are derived from the individual single fact, each of us has a cave within which the light of nature is lost and corrupted for various causes such as education or habits.
-of the hole (holes idols) = derived from the relationships that men have with each other and are linked to the language.of the theater (idols theatri) = are all those prejudices that are related to poor understanding of certain things. When it is explained well and create misunderstandings. Bacon ranking three kinds of idols of the theater: sophistical, based on shared experiences do not try; empirical, based on a few experiments accurate; superstitious, based on a mixture of uncritical philosophy with theology and traditions.
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