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Bacon compared the method of:
-Empirism: Ants: as empiricism is a method in which knowledge is built on the accumulation of experiences and feelings, does not process anything of himself. The ants feed on what they find and accumulate.
-Racionalism: Spiders: because according to the rationalists (Descartes), exist in our minds already have ideas that are innate, that make up a store of knowledge.
As the spider is born with the ability to do alone the web.
-His Method: the bees: because the method Baconian is composed of empirical data and rational data, is based on a construction. There is a reworking, as once the data is collected experiences in the tables, these tables have to be reworked. As bees collect nectar from flower to flower which is reworked by the bee to make honey. This system will resume even Kant.
Those who treated the sciences were either empirical or dogmatic. The empirical are those who accumulate and consume. Rationalists like spiders derive from oneself their canvas. The middle way is that of bees that derive the raw material from the flowers of the fields and the turn and digest due to their ability. Not dissimilar is the work of philosophy that must transform and rework the material intellect.The interpretations of nature appear difficult and strange, almost similar to the mysteries of faith. Constitute the true knowledge, that obtained with the true method. There is a method that is a Novum Organum, or a new and effective tool for reaching the truth.
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