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Why the modern country can’t be such us More wanted? Underline the differences and the analogies between Utopia and our countries.

First of all the we have to list everything More though to be essential for a perfect country:
- laws are plain and easy to understand it
- the sovereign is chosen by people
- there isn’t the private property
- equality between the habitants
- religious toleration
- war and luxury are reprised
- there’s right to education between sexes

I think the first reason why Utopia remains only an ideal is the government More wants.

First of all the loss of private property, in my opinion, never will take over the capitalism because

it’s more and more important to make the country itself richest and advances such as the others.

Even if laws make everyone peer, the equality between classes I think it could be only if the

politicians first of all would have it. Maybe they stop to do their interests but only

promote what’s really good for the country and employ all their power to do it .

There are anyhow some commune aspects between the More’s idea of perfect country and the


For example, everywhere would must be religious toleration between people of different faith, but

unfortunately only some of them really enjoy it.

Every man in the modern society has to choose his own sovereign; there’s right to

education or rather the obligation to study until sixteen ages (in Italy).

I think that some of More’s desires will be endless such as they are. We only can hope and make

the better for us and others.
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