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Poetry in the Puritan Age
The key poets of the puritan age were Andrew Marvell(1621-78)and John Milton. Marvell's sensibility is close to that of the Metaphysical poets who came before him such as John Donne and George Herbet.His poetry often fuses religious or philosophical argument with natural imagery.He is the author of some of the most famous poems in English such as "To His Coy Mistress"and "The Garden".

Milton,on the other hand,is much more in tune with the spirit of the Puritan age.Some critics consider his most important poem Paradise Lost to be an allegorical commentary on the failure of the English revolution.
The Cavalier poet were a group of minor English poets associated with Charles I and his exiled son,Charles II.Most of their work done between 1637 and 1660.Their poetry embodied th life and culture of upper-class,pre-Commonwealth England,mixing sophistication with naivetè,and formal elegance with sensuality.Writing on the courtly themes of beauty,love,and loyalty,they produced finely finishes verses,expressed with wit and directness.Amongst the leading Cavalier poet were Robert Herrick,Richard Lovelace,Sir John Succkling,and Thomas Carew
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