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The word yard refers to a unit of linear measure that is equal to three feet, approximately 90 centimeters. It is most commonly used in English speaking countries.
Ex: I need another yard of fabric to finish the dress. I am really trying to sink my teeth into this project so I can impress my teacher.
Ex: I thought that player was going to carry the ball a couple more yards. He is the fastest runner on the rugby team and he still could not get past the other team!
The common phrase the whole nine yards means all the way or everything available.
Ex: If you run for form captain, I am behind you the whole nine yards. I will even help you write a speech that will address the concerns of all voters.
Ex: Do not worry about deciding what to bring, just pack the whole nine yards. It would be too annoying to not have what you want on holiday.


The word ounce refers to a unit of weight that is equal to half a pound, about 28 gr and its abbreviation is oz. It usually refers to fluid.
Ex: It takes about eight fluid ounces to fill up a baby's bottle. Some mothers choose milk and some prefer apple juice. It is a small amount, so it is just a matter of personal choice.
Ex: How many ounces are in a liter of milk? The label does not have that information, and I only need a little bit of milk to make this cake.
The word ounce can also be used to mean a very little bit. In this case, it is a slang term.
Ex: I cannot believe you did not gain an ounce of fat over the holidays! I blame that healthy diet of yours. You never even ate a piece of pie!
Ex: Do not spill an ounce of milk on that jumper! I am irritated that you are carrying your glass so carelessly.
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