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Simply put, a wound is an injury, and it can be physical or emotional. To wound is to cause injury.
Ex: When Bart fell out of the tree in his back garden, he was left with a wound on his thigh that didn't heal for months. Now he has a large scar.
Ex: Sam's ego was wounded when the prettiest girl in school would not go to the endof-year disco with him, so he didn't ask anyone else and stayed at home, instead.
Animals literally lick their wounds to help them heal. Figuratively, lick one's wounds means to try and get over a big loss or defeat. To rub salt in a wound is to make some kind of loss more painful.
Ex: The Somerville Panthers football team defeated the Springfield Jaguars 42-0 last Friday night. The Jaguars went home to lick their wounds after such an embarrassing defeat.
Ex: Each time the local television stations showed a clip of the match, it was like rubbing salt in the wound for the Sheffield players. They're practicing extra hard this week to avoid another defeat.


To weep means to shed tears or cry quietly. It can also mean to express liquid from, such as a weeping wound.
Ex: Bonnie's inability to make sense of her chemistry homework caused her to weep in frustration. After calling Tom for help, she calmed down and got it finished.
Ex: When Gary's wound continued to weep, the doctor suggested removing the bandage to let the air help it dry out. After three days, the wound looked much better.
Variations of weep are cry, sob, bawl. To sob is to cry and catch your breath while doing so. It is noisier than weeping. To bawl is to cry with a lot of energy and noise.
Ex: The saddest movie I have ever seen is Old Yeller. Just thinking about young Traviss' having to shoot his faithful dog still makes me cry.
Ex: When Timmy threw a temper tantrum in the grocery store, he began by bawling and throwing himself on the floor. As he grew tired, he was reduced to sobbing until he finally gave up.
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