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To detest

One way to express that you dislike something very much is to use the verb to detest. When you
detest something, you have an aversion to it or you hate it.

Ex: My mother detests waiting in lines, so I try to avoid shopping with her during the holiday season
when she is sure to be extra frustrated with salespeople.

Ex: I know this is unpopular, but I secretly detest texting and would rather have a phone conversation
than type out cryptic messages to my friends and family.
If you detest or dislike something very much, you loathe it.

Ex: Our team leader has made it clear that she has certain expectations for
those working on the current project. We all loathe arriving late to any
of the scheduled meetings, because we know she will be very angry.

Ex: I was always a good student who enjoyed his studies, but for someone
reason I loathed learning about poetry. Today, I wish I had learned to

enjoy it instead of being so negative.

To despise

To despise something is to hold it in very low regard or to dislike it very strongly.

Ex: While John could not be described as someone who despises fishing, he certainly would not choose
to participate in the activity if he could avoid it.

Ex: I do not mind getting to know others if there is already a worthwhile conversation going on, but I
have to admit that I really despise networking and small talk.

To abhor

A similar verb would be to abhor. It means to be disgusted with and it is usually used when you think
something is morally wrong. It's not very commonly used in conversation.

Ex: I can tolerate mischievous behavior in my children, but I abhor lying. I regularly explain to them
that trustworthiness is one of the most important qualities a young person can acquire and that
lying destroys that opportunity.

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