Video appunto: Gather and Donate


Gather means to put together or assemble items or people from various places. It is a synonym of collect.
The teacher asked the children to gather the most colourful leaves they could find from the playground to use in their autumn project.
The open gym caused students to gather from all over campus to play basketball, lift weights, or simply socialize with peers.

When you say something is gathering dust you are saying it is not being used. When things gather dust, the idea of the expression is that it collects dust because it sits undisturbed.
My husband's baseball card collection is just gathering dust in our attic. I wish he would consider selling the cards to make some more space for storage.
Don't allow your books to gather dust. Instead, revisit the books she loved from time to time in order to gain new insights from familiar words.


The word donate means to give to or give away. When you donate something, you are usually giving something for charitable purposes, such as donating funds, food, or services to an organization or needy person.
If you donate blood, you are probably aware of the great importance of doing so for our community and local hospital.
In the corner of the living room, I have been collecting a large pile of books that I plan to donate to our local library the next time I go in that direction.
An informal way of asking for a donation is passing the hat. If you pass the hat, you are asking for money to be given for a cause or to defray costs. The idea behind the expression is that one would pass the hat and people would place money in the hat as it went through the crowd.
At the end of his street concerts, the performer would often pass the hat around, gratefully receiving donations from the crowds that had gathered to hear his music.
In order to help with the costs for today's breakfast and coffee, we will pass the hat. Please do not feel obligated to give, but if you can contribute, please do.