Video appunto: Trunk and Chest


The trunk is the central part of the human body. It does not include the head, arms, or legs. It does include the chest, ribs, and stomach area.
Ex: His long, strong trunk allowed him to be a great athlete. He always came first in athletic competitions.
Ex: The worst place to gain weight is on your trunk.
Fat deposits around your heart and stomach can be very unhealthy.
Trunk can also refer to the central part of things, not just people. Trunk is commonly used when talking about the base of a tree or the main storage area in a car. The British word is boot.
Ex: The tree trunk was very thin and did not have many branches growing from it. The children decided that it was not a good tree to climb.
Ex: The boot of his car was empty, so we asked Joe to move his sports equipment out of the back seat so there would be more room for passengers.


The chest is the part of the human body that lies between the neck and the stomach. It refers to the front of the body and includes the area where the ribs, heart, and breasts are.
Ex: Did the ball hit him in the stomach or the chest? I think I would rather be hit in the stomach because it is further from my heart.
Ex: His chest is so broad that normal t-shirts do not fit him. His mother has to have his clothes specially made for him.
Chest can also refer to a container. It is usually a box with a lid that can be used to store or move things. Chest of drawers is a commonly used phrase referring to a container used to store your clothes in the bedroom.
Ex: The chest was sealed, and I felt confident that none of its contents would fall out. I did not want it to be opened before it arrived at its destination.
Ex: Jack's chest of drawers was full. There was no extra space, and his mother had nowhere to put all his clean clothes