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Trixie and Tracey are 15-year-old twin sisters and they are very close. Normally, they are always together, but recently Tracey has had a boyfriend. Trixie and Tracey's mum does not want them to have a boyfriend until they are older, so she knows nothing about this new boyfriend. Tracey left this morning before her mother woke up so that she could visit her boyfriend. Mum is thinking that it is very suspicious that Tracey was not at home when she woke up and wants to find out what is going on. Trixie has to defend her sister and hope that their mum won't find out about the boyfriend
Mum: Trixie, when I woke up this morning, Tracey had already left. Did she have something important to do? Trixie: I do not know. If she is not here, she must have something important to do. She must have an exam.
Mum: She cannot have an exam because she told me the exams start in two weeks.
Trixie: She must be at her friend Patsy's house. She told me she was going to visit her.
Mum: She cannot be at Patsy's house because Patsy's mum told me they are on holiday for four days. This is not like her. She is usually so responsible and always tells me where she is going. In fact, you girls are usually together so this is very suspicious. She must have a new friend. Does she have any new friends? She may have a new friend that I don't know about. She must be with a boy. You know that I do not want you girls to go out with boys until you are older.

Trixie: She cannot be with a boy Mum because she's here. She just got home
Tracey: Hi, mum! I am home.

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