Topic: my schooltrip in Sicily

°When i go with..
Last year I went with my class to Sicily on April . We stayed five days . We travelled by bus and we arrived in the afternoon after nine hours. We left on 20 April to San Giorgio del Sannio and we retourned on 25 April. The trip was very long infact during the trip I was sleeping . I was very happy because I was never gone in Sicily.

°What i liked/disliked:
I didn’t like the food made up of pasta with sauce because I don’t like everyday eat same food and the rooms were a bit small to stay in four people. And you ? when did you go on holiday what didn’t like? and why?

The places we visited:
We visited a lot of cities: Catania , Agrigento, Siracusa and then we also went for a hike on etna . my prefer city was Agrigento because is more beautiful then other places and because there was the sea and I love much that . do you know Sicily?

°What i did:
In the morning we left at seven o’clock and at half past eight we had a breakfast. After this we went in the various cities . at lunch we went in the restaurant and later we went immediately to take a walk . at seven P.M. we retourned in the hotel and at eight o’clock we had a dinner. About nine we went out everyday to eat an ice cream . It was a great experience .. I’m going to return in Sicily last summer
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