Video appunto: Traffic and Rush Hour


The word traffic refers to the movement of any type of vehicle, ship, or person across a route. Traffic can also mean moving goods for sale.
The day before Christmas is the most travelled day of the year in the United Kingdom. Whether you drive or take the train you can expect a lot of traffic.
City harbors might have some cruise ships docked but most are usually ships of traffic.
The merchants come to accept the goods for sale.
The phrases traffic jam and traffic light are common phrases that have to do with travelling a route, or traffic. A traffic jam refers to vehicles in a congested area or route and the phrase traffic light refers to electronic signal lights that guide vehicles at intersections.
If this traffic jam does not clear up, I will be late for class. If I miss the first few minutes, I hope it does not threaten my grade.
Slow down! The traffic light is signaling you to stop. Running a red light can endanger your life by causing an accident.

Rush Hour

The phrase rush hour refers to a time during the day, usually on the way to or from work, that is known for traffic congestion. Rush hour is characterized by traffic jams and accidents.
I went to work early on Monday morning to avoid rush hour. I was sure the sleet would cause problems.
Rush hour creates a lot of problems for people on their way to work. Anything from icy roads to accidents can slow you down.
The word hour can also be used to make other phrases. For example, happy hour is a popular phrase that refers to the time period directly after work on Fridays. This is a common time to meet friends for food and drink at a restaurant or bar.
Can you meet me for happy hour? Maybe we can leave work a little early so that we can avoid traffic jams.
The prices at the restaurant down the street are very reasonable during happy hour. If we plan on having dinner there, I will not have to defrost anything from the freezer.