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Raw Material

The phrase raw material refers to any material in its natural form. It has not been processed and turned into a product for sale.
The raw material necessary to build a timber¬frame house is expensive and detrimental to the environment. Hundreds of trees are cut down and processed to create the timbers.

Plastic is not a raw material. The process of manufacturing it can be a biohazard, but it is so frequently used by society that it is continually manufactured.
Raw material can also refer to someone or something that is moldable and considered a good choice to fulfill a purpose.
I think James is good raw material for the army. He is extremely athletic and in perfect health, so I do not think they will turn him down.
My father's life is plenty of raw material for an exciting novel. His travel stories are almost unbelievable, and I know someone will want to publish them.


A source is a thing or place that is the origin of something. It refers to where something comes from and is often used to talk about the start of a river or stream.
The source of the raw materials used in manufacturing can be found in nature. From plants to animal skins, the natural world is the origin of most products.
The source of the stream is in our neighbour's back garden. They are unreasonable and will not let us fish in it because they feel it belongs to them.
The word source can also refer to the person or thing that offers information about something. It is commonly used to talk about the person who supplies information to a newspaper or television reporter.
The source for my article wants to remain anonymous. I acknowledge that the information he gave is sensitive, but my publisher wants a name.
I need to use at least five sources for my research paper. I might try to get by using four books and one website