Video appunto: Be Carried Away and Allure

Be Carried Away

To be or get carried away with something is to be taken up with something, or to have your interest absorbed by something, such as a play, music, or nature.
Ex: I was carried away by the sweet music of the children's choir that performed in our village church this past week.
Ex: My husband likes to walk for his daily exercise once autumn comes.
He says that he gets so carried away by the colours and variety of his surroundings that the time passes quickly.
When the expression get carried away is used, it usually (though not always) refers to someone being involved in something in which they are not using their own judgment. You can get carried away with something by doing it to excess, or get carried away by a crowd and take part in something you would not normally do.
Ex: I warned Mike not to get carried away with his weight loss program for the new year. It seems that he is dropping weight too fast for his health.
Ex: The taunting of the crowd had gone on for hours, and threatened to get carried away into physical violence.


Allure is the quality of being attractive or fascinating, having charm or appeal. Though it is most often used as a noun, allure can also take the form of a verb, meaning to entice or seduce.
Ex: When the magazine sought models for its annual fashion issue, it was looking for men and women with allure, something that would make readers sit up and notice.
Ex: Allured by the lights and sounds of the city, the tourists stayed up much later than usual, causing the next morning's departure time to be delayed by a few hours.
The phrase center of attraction or main attraction means that something or someone is the thing to be noticed, or the most important thing going on at the time.
Ex: The weekend conference was filled with events and discussions of the political year, but everyone knew that the center attraction was the speech to be delivered by the potential candidate.
Ex: At the traveling zoo, many people spend time at the lion house and the chimpanzee exhibit, but it is undeniable that the main attraction is the Panda on loan from China.