Video appunto: Rhythm and Soundtrack


In music, the word rhythm describes any strong, regular, or repeated pattern of sound. Rhythm is an essential part of all music or songs.
Reggae music is one of my favorite types of music to listen to. The rhythm is so calm and fun to dance to.
You have to be able to listen well to rhythm to be a good dancer.
If you can follow the beat well, you will be a better performer.
A song, dance, or performance that follows a set beat or pattern is described to be rhythmic. Something that is rhythmic usually follows a strong pattern of sound.
Everything Callie does is very rhythmic. Even while she walks down the street, she seems to move to a specific pattern or beat.
The Cougars were so excited about winning the dance competition. They had worked hard all year to develop a rhythmic dance routine.


A soundtrack is the recording of music that was used as the background to a movie or film. Usually, a soundtrack is a set of multiple songs that were used throughout the entire film.
The movie Frozen is one of the most popular cartoons of all time. The soundtrack is almost just as popular, and many children love singing along to the songs from the movie at home.
Many people love to buy soundtracks because they remind them of the parts of the film they enjoyed. It also helps them relive the story as they sing along to the songs.
A soundtrack usually includes music with words, or lyrics, while a score is a recording of instrumental music used in a movie. In other words, a score is movie music without lyrics.
In the film Jurassic Park, the musical score used instruments like drums and guitar to create a feeling of drama and danger.
Most romantic movies have a gentle or slower¬paced score. They use this type of music to help the audience understand the seriousness of emotion felt by the characters.