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The word tick refers to a mark, such as a check or dot, that is used to note an item on a list. It can serve to remind, highlight, or remove an item from the list.
Tick the second item on our agenda to note that we have talked about it. Now, let's focus on the next item.
When I made my list of things to do, I put a tick next to studying for my history test. My parents promised me a reward if I do well.
The word tick has several other meanings. It can refer to the beat of a clock as it marks seconds, and it can also mean a moment in time.
The clock by my bed was ticking so loudly that I could not sleep. I kept expecting the alarm to ring!
I will be finished in a tick! I can meet you downstairs in the blink of an eye so have some patience.

Cross Out

The phrase cross out refers to a line drawn through a word or words to show that it or they are no longer important.

Make sure you cross out hamburger meat. We decided to focus on pasta dishes when preparing the menu for Sunday night.
Cross out my name! I do not want to be on a waiting list. If I cannot get tickets today, I will not go to the concert at all.
The phrase cross off is similar in meaning to cross out. This phrase refers to a line drawn through a word or words to show that it or they are no longer important and should be taken off the list.
Her name should be crossed off the list of candidates. She will not be able to withstand the pressure of a political campaign.
I intend to cross off all sweets from my shopping list. I need to keep my eye on the prize and stop eating unhealthy foods that lead to weight gain.

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