Video appunto: Supply and Means


The word supply refers to the amount of something that is available for use. It can also be used to talk about something that is being provided.
Our food supply is low. I am worried because there doesn't appear to be a shop close to the campsite where we are staying.
A new supply of pencils and paper arrived in our classroom.
These are resources that we cannot do without.
The word supply can be used as a verb to talk about the act of providing something, as well.
The government supplies councils with the funds to construct major bridges. In return, the drivers are charged a toll to use some of these bridges.
Our football team is supplying food and gifts for a family in need this Christmas. We want to be the source of joy!


The word means refers to resources that are available, usually money. It can also refer to having a lot of money.
As a student, I try not to live beyond my means. It would be foolish to buy things on credit and spend money that I do not really have.
They are a family of means. Their card is never declined and they all buy anything they want in the moment.
The word means can also refer to the way you go about accomplishing something or getting a result. The word means is also used as an action word, or verb, to talk about a definition or explanation of something. When used in the common phrase by all means, it means "of course".
In the pioneer days, the only means of transportation was a horse and carriage. It was a very bumpy ride so most people tended to stay close to home.
By all means, slow down! You should take any precaution possible to avoid getting a ticket from a policeman at a speed trap.