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To choke on something is to have something get lodged or stuck in your throat and become unable to or have difficulty breathing. It is a synonym for gag on.
Ex: In order to avoid the risk of an accident, the nursery workers always cut the grapes they serve the children in half so they are less likely to choke.
Ex: All restaurant workers were required to take a short class course would help them determine how best to aid a patron appearing to choke on his or her food.
An informal use of the the word choke means to fail at something when subjected to pressure. For example, if you can normally hit a ball with a baseball bat with no problem, but suddenly cannot when a crowd is watching, someone might say you choked.
Ex: I have been practicing my lines for the play for weeks now. I just hope I don't choke when it comes time to recite them.
Ex: The star athlete choked on the very night the scouts were in the stadium to see him play. This almost resulted in the loss of any hope of him being signed.


To gulp or gulp down is to swallow something down very quickly. To eat in a rapid and greedy way. When you gulp something, it is often a liquid and is taken in so quickly that there is accompanying noise.
Ex: Jackie could not help but to gulp down the water she was offered at the finish line, even though she had been warned to avoid this and drink slowly.
Ex: I tried to explain to the noisy boys who were so excited about getting to the fishing lake that they wouldn't even enjoy their food if they simply gulped it down.
To gulp back tears is to avoid crying by swallowing and trying to avoid the physical results of crying or showing emotion.
Ex: As my office mate told me of his situation, I gulped back tears, trying not to let him notice how upsetting it was for me as well.
Ex: Knowing that she had to go through with the performance at this point, the young singer gulped back her tears and walked out onto the stage.
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