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I was shocked to see Matt covered in mud…

I was shocked to see Matt covered in mud and looking so miserable, hopeless and tragically guilty. Matt is my older brother; he turned eighteen last April and got his driving license three weeks ago. My parents haven’t bought him a car yet, no need to say that he hasn’t got enough money to buy one himself.
He’s so much into partying with friends that he’s oblivious of the meaning of the term “save up money” for the important stuff. So Matt has been using my mother’s car; a small compact car about 6 years old. He’s sort of changed since he’s been driving in the sense that his sense of bravado has been magnified. I heard mum shouting at him a couple of times because he was driving too fast or because he hadn’t stopped on a red traffic light. Yesterday’s argument was the worst argument ever and Matt was grounded for a whole week; no driving to go to University and no going out in the evening. The problem is, Matt fancies a girl! Well, he’s been into her for ages now, and he finally found the courage to ask her out. I guess the car also helped in this matter! The crazy thing is that she accepted to go out on a date with him, tonight! Alas, boys. I told Matt that it was a bad idea but of course, he didn’t listen to me. His master plan formed when my parents announced they were going to the cinema tonight. Being the cinema in the city centre they of course drove there on my mother’s car, leaving the BMW behind. Matt couldn’t believe his own luck: he would pick her up on a BMW! And so yes, he did it! He took my father’s car keys and left… So now you know why I was so shocked when I saw him at the door all covered in mud not even an hour later, when he sheepishly admitted he had drove the car off the road into a dyke. I honestly don’t want to be here when my parents find out.
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