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I have been measuring time by the water dripping from the tap

I’ve been measuring the passage of time by the water dripping from the tap for hours; it can’t be long now. I had been preparing for this for a long time and I knew I was ready. It seemed now that time had passed in a blur; only yesterday I was still studying for my last exam looking forward to my holidays. And now, they have passed, both the exam and the holidays. This summer had been amazing probably the best I have ever had, since I was finally of age and free to do many things that were previously forbidden to me. I got my driving license for example. Then September came, but I knew I still had time and put the inevitable thoughts off my mind for a while longer. There was time to let them come. I had partied with all of my friends, enjoying their company, until last week I realized that all this was soon to end. It happened on Tuesday when the thought struck me like a club on the head; that would be my last aperitif with my team mates! And so on, all through the week I met up with people and the knowledge of that to be a goodbye prevented me from enjoying it at full. I was tremendously sad. Was it the right choice I had made? Yes, I know it is! And deep down I also know that it is normal to feel nostalgic and sad. Who does like to say goodbyes? And then yesterday came and I spent it with my family, with my grandparents and cousins, and it was perfect. They gave me this picture collage with old photos of when we were young together. I cried.
I can’t sleep now. My bag is ready in the hall, my flight ticket in the front pocket. At 5 o’clock the alarm clock is going to go off… it won’t be long now…
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