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Dear Brian,
I have some exciting news to share with you, and didn't want to just come out with it in a phone call, so I decided that writing a letter would be a better way to express myself. I feel like dancing with joy as I write that I am pregnant! You used to say that you would love to have a little sister, and finally your wish will come true. Probably you are stupefied by this announcement, as you are now at university and I am old enough to be a grandparent, but after so many years of hoping, this dream will come true. I am sure most people are shocked at the idea of having a baby at my age, but I look forward to raising another child. I postponed writing about this pregnancy earlier because I detested the idea of telling you this news and having something go wrong, so I waited until my condition was stable. At first I did not feel well, but now there is nothing to worry about, so you do not need to cancel your lectures and run home. I beg you to understand that I was not trying to hide the news from you, as I adore you and my love will not change. You will always be special to me, and I will treasure our time together as much as ever. I still plan on us walking together in the park, eating dinner at that pizza restaurant and laughing over the spilled toppings, talking late into the night, and all the other things we love doing when you visit from university. I really enjoy spending time like that with you. Let's make a pact, not with the devil but instead with each other, to share these precious moments not only with each other, but with your new sister as well. I hope that you not only tolerate a new sibling, but learn to love her as well. I feel like our hopes and stories from years ago are about to come true, and would dislike harming our relationship because of this new addition to our family. We can talk about everything in detail when you come home over the Easter holidays; if you are upset, I hope we can reach an understanding about the inevitable changes. Above all, I want you to remember that I love spending time with you. You will no longer be an only child, but you will still be special to me.

Your Loving Mother

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