Video appunto: Sort Out and Draw Up

Sort Out

To sort out means to make a messy space clean or tidy by separating things that belong from things that do not belong in the area. You can also sort out a problem by finding a solution to the issue.
Ex: It took over three hours to sort out the mess in the garage. There were piles of rubbish everywhere, and it took forever to put the tools and supplies in the right place.

Ex: My friend Sam was in a big car accident last week. He was on the phone to the insurance company last night to sort out the issue and get his car repaired.
When you sort things out into a specific order, you create an assortment of those things. An assortment is the collect of a variety of a specific item.
Ex: Before planning any big business trip, Mike likes to pack an assortment of ties in his suitcase. He always likes to look his best to impress his new clients.
Ex: It is always a good idea to pack snacks before going on a long hike. I like to keep an assortment of nuts in my rucksack to keep my energy up.

Draw Up

To draw up something means to develop a specific and detailed plan to a job, project, or idea. For example, architects draw up plans for buildings while accountants draw up financial plans for businesses.
Ex: Cal wanted to add a shed to his garage. He knew he needed help, so he asked a friend who was an architect to draw up a few blueprints for the project.
Ex: After working at the candy company for five years, Melissa wanted to share her plan for a new product. She drew up a plan for her candy and sent it to the company's president.
Before you draw up a plan, you might want to draw on a previous idea. This means you refer to a previous idea or past information to support or encourage your own idea, vision, or plan.
Ex: Before you make your speech at school, you might want to do a little research first. Speeches are always more successful when they draw on solid facts or information from the past.
Ex: In general, it is a good idea to draw on your parents' advice when making a tough decision. It is a good idea to learn from their experience rather than making your own mistakes.