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An invoice is a listing of items or services sold that is provided by a vendor for billing and accounting purposes. The word invoice can also be used as a verb, as in the need to invoice someone, or give them an itemized bill.
Ex: Cal has been looking for the invoice we received from his office supply company. It seems we are short on copy paper this month and he wants to see if a change to our usual amount was made last month.
Ex: Laurie advised the independent contractor we hired to provide web design services to invoice us as soon as the website was up and running.
If you receive an invoice at your place of work, you would direct it to accounts payable. Accounts payable is the side of office accounting that pays the financial obligations of a business.
Ex: I told the delivery man that our office manager was unavailable, but promised to be sure to mark the invoice he provided to the attention of accounts payable.
Ex: Our company has been waiting to receive payment for two outstanding invoices for over a month. I have directed Cindy, our office manager, to contact both clients one more time by calling their accounts payable departments.


To transfer something is to move it, especially to move something across. For example, if you transfer funds, you move funds from one account to another. Used as a noun, transfer means a change of something from one place to another, such as an account. A wire transfer is the moving of funds from one account to another over a wire, electronically, rather than actually physically transferring funds.
Ex: Kate asked to leave work 15 minutes early so that she could make a transfer of funds from her savings account to her checking account before the counter closes.
Ex: Rather than carry a large amount of cash all the way to the collector's shop, Henry decided to arrange for a wire transfer from his account to pay for the rare stamps.
To put in for a transfer is to request to be moved from a position or job in one location, to another location of the same business.
Ex: If you begin working at the local pizza chain when you are in the sixth form, you can put in for a transfer for your first year at university, where jobs may be harder to find.
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