Video appunto: Roundabout and Junction


The word roundabout refers to a road that is indirect, a circular route. It is also referred to as a traffic circle.
In order to get to my new apartment you need to take the roundabout on the High Street. Traffic is an issue, so take your time.
There is a policeman sitting in the centre of that roundabout.
Speed at your own risk! You do not want to get a ticket.
Roundabout can also refer to a children's ride called a merry¬go¬round. In the nineteenth century, a roundabout was a short, tight jacket worn by men.
My little sister loved the roundabout at the fair. She wanted to ride twice, but the bossy operator made us get off.
The National History Museum has a perfect example of a roundabout. The coat was able to withstand storage in a buried trunk for one hundred years before being discovered.


The word junction refers to the place where streets meet or cross. A junction can also be the place or station where railways intersect.
I will wait for you on the side of the road at the junction of Riverside Drive and Green Street. If you stay in the right hand lane you will see me.
You will want to get off the train at the downtown junction. Riding on to the next stop would be a misstep as it would take me an hour to get you.
Junction can also refer to the act of joining two things together or the place where any two things are joined.
Your kneecap is the junction where your upper and lower leg meet. Having an issue with your knee can destabilise the entire leg.
The most effective professors take advantage of the learning that occurs at the junction of creativity and traditional teaching methods.