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Task 2

Tourism does more harm than good. Do you agree?

I think that this topic is a burning issue in my opinion it's controversial because there are advantages and disadvantages in reference to tourism.

On the one hand tourism is an attraction for cities that sometimes would be richer from the economic c point of view and another time they would be poorer for example African or Asian towns.
The quantity of foreigner tourism in the city is considerate very important for the economic state of the city. It's important that the cities follows a program of touristic attraction through the building of restaurants, shops, supermarkets, and recreatives areas for tourism children.

On the another hand the tourism in general would be harmful for the city for example Venice. Venice has a great problem with the quantity of tourism in particular during the spring and summer season.
Venice in fact is the top ranking of cities one of the most famous in the world. The flow of tourists fill the streets of the city and also the shop and the bridges. The fenomeno is terrible for the Italian workers and students who have to go to work or University because there is the risk that they could arrive late.

In conclusion I find it very sad the decision by Venice's City Hall to put railings before the entry roads which have the goals to reduced the flow of tourist but probably this urban intervention is necessary to manage the quantity of tourists.
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