Video appunto: Resume and Vacant


A resume or résumé is a formal document that lists a person's work experience, education, and other qualifications. Most job applicants will use a resume to apply for an open job or position. It is more common to say Curriculum Vitae or simply CV in British English.
Before applying for any new job, it is important to update your CV with your recent work experience and education to show the employer how qualified you are for the job.

After sending his CV by email to the director of the bank, John received a phone call within thirty minutes. Apparently, the director could see John was a good fit for the job.
Be careful not to confuse the noun resume with the verb resume, which means to start something again. For example, you might resume playing football after taking a short break.
While watching the film, we decided to stop in the middle to enjoy our dinner and resume it later when we were eating dessert.
John had been a talented football player at secondary school but got into bad physical shape. He resumed his old exercise routine to become healthy again.


When something is vacant, it is left open or available. Usually, a job or position becomes vacant when the person holding that position or responsibility has left their role.
Melissa was full of joy when she saw that the position for head chef at the restaurant was vacant. She sent an application to the manager right away.
If you have a vacant position at your company, it's wise to interview many people before hiring someone. You want to consider all your options to avoid choosing the wrong person.
If a position is vacant, or available, it means there is a vacancy for someone to fill. A company will advertise the vacancy in order to find someone with the right qualifications for the job.
The best advice I received from my careers advisor was to apply for many jobs at the same time. Every time I see a vacancy, I send my CV just in case they are interested.
The small company made such big profits last year that they were able to create many new positions. There are now over 30 job vacancies to fill.