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Problem Solving

•Why don’t we …?
•I think we could / should take …
Shall / should we take …?

Expressing Doubt
•I’m not quite sure
•Are you sure?
•Do you really think so?

Rejecting suggestions
•We can’t really do that.
•I don’t think that’s a great idea.
•I’m not sure about that.

Seeking Agreement
•Does everyone agree?
•Is that all right then?
•Shall we ..?
•Let’s do that then.

Accepting Suggestions
•Yes, that’s a good idea.
• All right then. And finally Ok, I see your point.

Past simple passive
After 776 BC the Game were held at Olympia.
A truce was called between warring cities.

The Olympics Games ever cancelled?

Present perfect passive
Since that time professional have also been allowed to participate.
The most important gold medals have been won by the USA.

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