Video appunto: Present Simple and Present Continous - Question tags
Present Simple

Si usa quando un’azione è sempre abituale, quindi “quando è vera” mentre Present Continous si usa per indicare lo svolgimento di un’azione.
Examples: (Present Simple)
1. Anna goes to school everyday.
2. My mum watches who wants to be a millonaire everyevening.

3. Kelvin rides his motorbike to school each morning.

Examples: (Present Continous)
1. I teach mathematics, but I’m studying philosophy at the moment.
2. I’m making/preparing the lunch.
3. I’m reading the newspaper now.
4. I’m eating, please don’t disturb me! Etc

Question Tags (Wh-question)
1. Where (dove..?)
2. When (quando..?)
3. Why (perché..?)
4. What (cosa..?)
5. How (come..?)
6. Which (quale..?)
7. Who (chi..?

Example of questions using the Wh-question:
1. Where are your pens? Where are you going to?
2. When are you coming back from London? When is your birthday?
3. Why are you sad? Wfy are you speaking so loud?
4. What’s your favorite color? Si può usare anche Which in questo caso. What is your name?
5. Which of these dresses do you like?
6. How are you going to get to the airpot? How old are you?
7. Who are you with? Who owns this jacket?