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The word pound refers to a unit of mass used to weigh something or someone that equals to approximately 0.45 kg. Its abbreviation is lb.
Ex: My brother feeds our dog scraps of food at the dinner table, and now he is overweight. His gluttony is not helping him lose the pounds.
Ex: I only need one pound of chicken to complete this recipe.
My grandmother passed it down to me, so it is my pride and joy.
The word pound can also refer to a monetary unit. It is used in the UK and its symbol is £.
Ex: How many pounds will the train ride cost? If it is too expensive, I will have to drive and that will be a stumbling block in my plan for arriving on time.
Ex: Before our trip, I need to convert my pounds into dollars. Do you know what the exchange rate is now?


The word cubic refers to a measurement of volume. It is a number that is multiplied by itself to form the measurement of volume. Some examples are cubic centimeter, cubic inch, and cubic foot.
Ex: How many cubic feet is our new pool? I would appreciate getting that information before I try to fill it with water.
Ex: I am designing a covering for a container that is eleven cubic inches. I made it in carpentry class to give to my mother.
The word cubic can also be used to describe a cube, or square. The adjective cubical describes something that is shaped like a cube or has the qualities of a cube, so it is three-dimensional. Sometimes it is confused with the noun cubicle. A cubicle is a small office with a square shape.
Ex: My mother's new car has an oddly cubic shape. It does not bother her, but I definitely do not want her dropping me off at school in it!
Ex: Bess just got her first job and she described her office as one of many cubicles on the third floor. That cast a shadow over her first day.
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