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He opened the door and went inside…

Michael opened the living room door and went inside. The warm spring sun was shining outside the wide windows bringing light into the otherwise dark room. There was a man standing by the window, looking outside. When Michael went in, the man turned to the door and smiled and expectant crooked smile. His hair was dark and short and his eyes were bright.
Although his face looked familiar and maybe because his face was partially in the shade, Michael didn’t recognize him immediately. Undecided, he stood silent for a while and then opened his mouth to ask who the man was and what he wanted. And then the realization hit him. Not having seen him for over twenty years it was acceptable that Michael hadn’t made the connection earlier; his own brother, having let his beard grow, looked now quite different and somewhat older. In a few quick steps Michael reached for him and hugged him tight. They talked for hours, over lunch and then sitting in the garden, and about many things and all was as it used to be when they were kids and lighthearted. He said he would be home for only a few days and Michael decided to make the most of the short time available with his brother because meeting him again after so long, made Michael the happiest person in the world.
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