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The word misspell means to spell a word or words incorrectly. To misspell something indicates a mistake.
Be careful not to misspell any words in your dissertation. Focus on writing a perfect paper so you can get a good mark.
I cannot believe she misspelled her own name on the application! She certainly will not get the job now.
The prefix mis¬ can be used to make other words, as well. For example, misstep and misplace are common words formed as such. The word misstep means to take a wrong step or make the wrong move. Misplace means to forget where you put something.
Dropping out of the play was certainly a misstep. He certainly would never get another chance to practice his French accent.
Be careful not to misplace your mother's coat. It is her favorite and it would be hard for you to withstand her fury if something happened to it.


The word unreadable means that words are unable to be read. In this case, it refers to writing or print that is too messy or poorly written to be read.
My dad's handwriting is unreadable! He really needs to type everything on the computer rather than writing it himself.
Mark Twain's original manuscript was unreadable. His assistant had to produce a clearer copy for the publisher.
Unreadable can also refer to writing that is unclear due to the quality of the information that is presented. It might be out of order or just not make sense.
I thought the novel was unreadable. The plot was so confusing that I did not have any incentive to finish it.
My science textbook is completely unreadable. I do not understand the tables and graphs, and it is not well organized.

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