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A hyphen serves as a connector of words. A hyphen is used at the end of a line of print when the other part of the word must be continued on the next line. If this is necessary, the hyphen should be used only on a syllabic break, such as mountains.
In September, the artist made a ritual of packing up his things to head to the mountains and enjoy the cool autumn air.
When the exam results arrive on Monday, each employee that attempted the examination will find out whether they have earned their certificate.
Hyphens are used to form some compound words as well. Hyphens are not used to form all compound words, but in certain formations they should always be used. When two words form a single adjective before a noun, as in gray¬haired lady, use a hyphen between the two adjectives. Hyphens are also used in writing out compound numbers, such as forty two, and with certain prefixes such as self, pre, post, mid, etc.

The Thai¬spiced curries lined the streets as vendors attempted to attract passers¬by for a mid¬afternoon snack.
Sixty¬six clowns travelled with the circus throughout the year. When they arrived in small-town venues, they would unpack their items for the pre¬show and lie down to rest.


Dashes are used to set off or emphasize the content. This content can be placed within a pair of dashes or follow a single dash. Dashes are used to set off points or ideas that you especially want to emphasize.
I am not going to tolerate—and I want to make this clear any more vandalism in this institution or on its grounds.
I can't think of anyone more qualified than Jody to lead our division into this new field one that will require a lot of hard work.
Dashes are also used when sentences already contain commas, to avoid confusion in the use of appositives.
The big three—Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin—met in Tehran in the early 1940s to discuss both war and peacetime policy.
The three bears—the father bear, the mother bear, and the baby bear—were visited by Goldilocks.

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