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Make a mistake

When you make a mistake, you do something in error, accidentally, or not on purpose. You may also
hear the phrase make no mistake. This expression is used as a more formal warning or caution to the
listener to be sure to understand the speaker's intention.

Ex: Bob wanted to skate perfectly, but his nerves caused him to make a mistake early in his

Ex: Yes, I am busy, but make no mistake, I will be at your cousin's party on time and bring a present
that she will be able to use in her first year at drama school.

Make a noise

 When you make a noise or make noises, you do something that is audible or can be heard by others.

Ex: If you listen carefully, you will find that even a newborn bird will make a noise when it gets hungry.

Ex: If we visit the zoo when the animals are awake, you will get to hear them make noises. It's a
wonderful experience.

The phrases make noise or make some noise can be used to indicate
purposely drawing attention to something that people may not want you
to. For instance, you could say that you will make noise if you believe that
something wrong is happening.

Ex:I don't like eating in restaurants with Judy because if everything is not
perfect, she will be sure to make noise even if I beg her not to.

Ex: If I do not get answers to my questions about what happened at the
council's secret meeting, I am going to make some noise.


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