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If you say that something has magnetism, you are saying that it has a force of attraction. In the physical world, magnetism means that things are attracted to an object by force. A magnet attracts objects with steel or iron. Figuratively, if someone exhibits magnetism, people seem to be attracted to them, or drawn to them.
Ex: There were several experiments on magnetism in my daughter's textbook, and we decided to do one involving a strong magnet and iron filings for her science project.
Ex: I was not prepared for the magnetism of the speakers at the weekend conference. I went with a negative attitude, but I feel that I actually benefited from hearing what they had to say in the long run.
The expression drawn to something or someone like a magnet means that the thing or person is attracted to something as if by force, as in drawn to sweets like a magnet or she seemed to be drawn to him like a magnet.

Ex: For the new year, I plan to consume more fruits and vegetables. I think I will need to get a vegetarian cookbook, though, because when I browse through standard cookbooks, I am drawn to the meat recipes like a magnet.
Ex: She had hoped to spend her evening in the library alone, but it seemed as if people were drawn to her like a magnet and she couldn't get settled into her book.


To fascinate is to capture or attract attention by something unique or interesting, to hold one’s gaze or notice. A synonym for this verb is to enthrall.
Ex: Of all types of dancers, tap dancers tend to fascinate me the most, with their ability to maintain style and grace while keeping exact time with the pace of music.
Ex: The young girl was fascinated by the beautiful stones featured in the collection of crown jewels, even though she had no idea of their actual value.
Fascination is the state of being fascinated or of having your attention held to something particularly attractive, interesting, or hypnotic.
Ex: The pirate captain attempted to get the attention of his crew, but they simply stared in fascination at the huge chests of gold in the cave.
Ex: Recently, John has had a fascination with spicy foods, which has left his family with some nights of upset stomachs, since he is the only cook in the house.

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