Video appunto: Spokesperson and President


A spokesperson is someone who has been chosen by a company or organization to represent them. They often appear in advertising or at public events like press conferences.
The ad agency suggested that we get a famous actor or actress to act as our spokesperson. They can appear in television ads and promote our products.

At the press conference, a spokesperson for the major airlines explained all the new safety regulations that passengers would have to follow if they want to fly anywhere this holiday season.
A person who has been chosen by a company or organization to represent them is usually called a spokesperson, but sometimes people use the older, gender¬specific terms spokesman or spokeswoman.
Michael Phelps became the spokesperson for Wheaties cereal after he won the Olympic medal. He appeared in many ads on TV and his face was on the cereal boxes.
She is a press agent for the State Department, but at times she seems like the spokeswoman. She is always giving the administration's official position on different issues in the region.


The president is the head of state or main executive official in a democratically elected government. In Great Britain this person would be called prime minister. We may use president for the chief executive of a company or another organization, such as the student government at a school, when he or she is elected.
Michael Higgins, a politician from the Labour Party, has been invited to lecture at my university. He was elected president of Ireland in 2011.
When Samantha was at school, her mum really wanted her to be president of Ireland one day. She encouraged her to study law and assured her that she could be a great politician.
When someone wants to be president, they try to get the support of a political party and voters. We call this running a presidential campaign or simply, running for president.
After he won the presidency, the newly elected president congratulated his opponent on running a good campaign and raising many important issues.
Mr. Jackson has run for president several times, but he has never won. Perhaps he should try to run as a state representative or senator next time.