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The word lust refers to a deep and powerful sexual impulse. This is a negative quality and is considered to be one of the seven deadly sins.
Ex: As soon as young boys exhibit feelings of lust, parents discuss appropriate relationships with them so that they are always respectful of the opposite sex.
Ex: Feelings of lust are common in teenagers, but it can be an obstacle to developing friendships. It is best not to act on the impulse and keep communication open.
The word lust can also refer to an overwhelming passion for something. In this case, it is not always negative and is a synonym for craving.
Ex: The old woman's lust for life was enviable. Nothing ever changed her positive disposition or her plans for the future.
Ex: Jonathan has a lust for happiness. Nothing can shatter his attitude, and he is always able to find the positive in any situation.


The word sloth means to regularly avoid any type of exertion whether it is physical or emotional. In this case, the word is a synonym for laziness. It can be used to describe a lazy person. It is a negative trait and is one of the seven deadly sins.
Ex: Sloth is not a good quality in a student. If you are too lazy to go to lessons or take good notes, there is no chance of getting good marks.
Ex: Fiona, you are such a sloth! Mom asked you to clean your room hours ago! You have the terrible tendency to sit around and not get much done.
The word sloth can also refer to a particular animal. It is a slow moving, brown animal that lives in tropical climates. It has long claws on its paws so that it can climb trees easily.
Ex: I really wanted to see a sloth when we visited the zoo, but it had no urge to move around its cage and was boring to watch.
Ex: The sloth is not a particularly attractive animal. It looks like it could inflict a serious injury with those claws!
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