Video appunto: Knock and Hit


To knock means to hit or touch something repeatedly with your hand. Usually, people will knock on hard objects, such as doors, tables, or other solid things.
It seemed like we had knocked on the door for an hour before Kristy let us in her house. Apparently, she had fallen asleep on the couch.
Jimmy was so bored during class that he started to knock on his desk.
He was trying to make sounds to keep himself awake.
A common phrase in English is knock on wood. When you knock on wood, it means you hit or touch something made of wood in order to have good luck in some area of your life.
After telling his friends he would be fine hiking in the wilderness alone, they told him to knock on wood. They thought it would help keep him safe and avoid being too confident in his own abilities.
Before you tell everyone about your big new job, knock on wood. You never know what could go wrong before you start your first day of work.


To hit means to bring a hand, tool, or weapon into contact with another person or object. Usually, a person will hit someone or something quickly, with a large amount of force.
Sarah was so angry about her low math score that she threw her notebook in the air. It flew so fast that it hit the wall and made a loud smacking noise before it fell to the floor.
Cal wanted to show his friends how tough he really was. So, he said he would hit the next person who said something mean or rude to him.
Unlike the physical action of hitting someone, to hit on someone means to show them a lot of attention or affection. Most of the time, a person will hit on someone else who they would like to date or spend more time with.
Justin knew he liked Caroline the minute he saw her at the party. He tried to hit on her by telling her how he wanted to be a famous scientist one day.
When you are hitting on someone, it is a good idea to talk about what you like about them. People love to receive compliments.