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To jeopardize is to put at risk or put in danger, and jeopardy is the condition experienced by one in danger. Simply put, to be in jeopardy is to be in danger or be at risk of harm.
Adults who are seriously overweight jeopardize their health. They are more susceptible to arthritis, heart disease, and diabetes.
I jeopardized my chance of getting my dream job by arriving late for the interview, spilling coffee on the supervisor's desk and knocking over his potted palm tree on the way out of his office.
Double jeopardy is a legal condition. A defendant who has been found not guilty cannot be tried again on the same charges. In other words, his freedom from jail cannot be put at risk more than once. Jeopardy! is a popular television game show where contestants risk losing money by giving an incorrect question for the answer that has been provided.
The Fifth Amendment to the Unites States Constitution makes provisions for defendants to refuse to say anything that might make them seem guilty of a crime and to prevent authorities from placing them in legal jeopardy a second time. We do not have a comparable system in the United Kingdom.

Jeopardy! is my favorite television show. I especially like to see how much of their accumulated money the contestants are willing to jeopardize on the Daily Double questions.

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