Video appunto: Harvest


To harvest is to gather crops. When you harvest wheat, you collect it, usually by machine. A crop is what you grow, and the harvest is what you collect. If the crops are plentiful and gathered on time, the harvest is successful. It can also be the season during which the crop is gathered.
The churches in Benton celebrate the year's corn harvest by having a big dinner.
Nearly everyone in town attends, and each family brings its favorite corn dish.
The Smith brothers had a hard time harvesting their broccoli crop this year. Above average rainfall made the fields muddy, so it was nearly impossible to drive the trucks to collect the crop.
In northern Maine in the United States, the schools recess for the potato harvest. It is referred to as harvest break. Students work for local farmers to help harvest the potatoes. On the other hand, many people have legal documents that allow doctors to harvest their organs after they die so the organs can be donated to others who need them.
Lance clearly remembers the frosty autumn mornings of his youth when he and the other local children helped a nearby farmer with his potato crop during harvest break.
People who need organ transplants remain on waiting lists for years because too few people are willing to have their organs harvested for donation.