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If you make someone feel uncomfortably self-conscious, you embarrass him. Embarrass also means to make yourself or someone else feel bad, generally by doing or saying something inappropriate. Embarrassment is the noun that refers to the state of being embarrassed.
Mark embarrassed himself when he addressed the caller as sweetheart, thinking that it was his girlfriend. It was really his boss.
Mary's friends embarrassed her when they called her up on the stage during the assembly to present her with an award. She didn't know what to say.
You may have heard someone say that she was embarrassed to death or could have died from embarrassment. That is not likely to happen, but it demonstrates how strong an emotion embarrassment is. One who has many more advantages than others of his age may be said to suffer from an embarrassment of riches, especially if he has done little to earn those advantages. He may be embarrassed that he has so much more than his peers.

Jane could have died from embarrassment when she tripped on the curb and fell flat on her face in front of dozens of people on the busy pavement.
Although James was thrilled to receive the most¬ valuable¬ player awards for football, basketball, and rugby, he had to admit to his teammates that it was an embarrassment of riches.

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