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The mixture of cement and sand or gravel with water is called concrete. It is used as a building material. Houses made of concrete are sometimes called block houses, since they are made of concrete block.
Ex: Even though the babysitter watched her carefully, the little girl tripped over her shoelace and fell on the concrete sidewalk, skinning her knee.
Ex: I will mix up some concrete in this bucket. Perhaps then we can try to make some type of short path between the house and the garage.
Sometimes, concrete is used figuratively, as an adjective meaning to describe something as solid or having a good foundation, as being real.
Ex: I have got to have some kind of concrete reason for asking the judge for a search warrant. I cannot simply tell him that I have a hunch that something illegal is going on.
Ex: Because he likes to deal in facts and not abstraction, some teachers refer to him as a concrete thinker.


A relatively thin and flat piece of stone, hardened clay, or other material used for flooring, walls, or roofs is tile. Tile can be used for decorative purposes as well, such as in mosaics. One can also speak of the action of tiling a floor or wall by using the word as a verb, as in to tile the floor.
Ex: I went to the DIY shop to select a tile for our building project, a screened porch. As we wanted to have an outdoor look to the area, I chose a natural terracotta tile.
Ex: The mosaics that lined the walls of the church featured small and multi¬coloured tiles that still retained their colour after several hundred years.
Some games, such as mahjong or word games, feature tiles, thin pieces of material printed with pictures, letters, or symbols. They are named after the tiling used in structures.
Ex: The game was missing so many tiles after the small children had played with it outdoors that it was no longer worth trying.
Ex: I wish I could draw more vowel tiles in this game! It is very hard to create the words I want to form without them!

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