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Figure of speech

Alliteration: spontaneous or sought repetition of the same letters
Assonance: form of defective rhyme that is had when the terminal words of two or more verses restrain the same vowels to start from the accented one
Anomatopoeia: repetition vowel of sound different with end consonant
Consonance: union of two or more sounds in perfect harmony
Rhyme: Identity of phonetic termination, beginning from the vowel keynote, of words set to brief distance in which it is absolute identity of sound
Internal rhime: two riming words appearing within the same line.
Rhythm: is the beat created by the arrangement of stressed and unstressed syllables, whose combination particular gives sense of movement
Metaphor: Substitution of a term proper with a figured, following a symbolic transposition of images
Epicit: speak about an hero with physical strenght courage,leadership who nation rapresents race or and performs superhuman deeds
Tales in verse: is a narrative in verse very popular during the Renaissance
Romance: was a tale in verse dealing with chivalry and love
Ode: a rather long poem, elevated in tane and elaborated in style. It usually begins with an invocation and contains archaisms.
Sonnet: a poem of fixed form, in fourteen lines. It can be divided into an octave sestet and a sestet.

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