Video appunto: English Composition (3)

English Composition – teenagers, technology and Internet

Internet has completely changed our world: now it is possible to communicate with everyone and many things appear easier to do.
However, Internet, as everything, has pros and cons, in particular if we think about its use by the “digital natives”.

Internet and technology have not to be demonized: they can be compared to a knife; you can use it to cook a wonderful recipe for your family, but you can also use it to kill someone.
So, everything depends on the use.
Teenagers should be educated to use Internet and other technologies correctly. In fact, they are a powerful instrument for their formation and they are essential in order to live in the modern world.
We have not to accuse the technology for teenagers’ suicides because of cyber bullying: we have to accuse the wrong education of teenagers who use this instrument against other people.
However, nothing is perfect, we know that Internet has also many dangers and risks.
Another technological instrument that is used is TV. Many times parents leave their children to watch too many TV programs without control. The philosopher Popper said that TV is a bad teacher. I think that TV has its pros for the education of children but parents should control their children when they are watching television and, the time that they spend doing this has not to be too much! Children need to interact with people, first of all.